Welcome to The New Digitaljoni!

Hey! How are you? Just a few updates about the site and me.

As you can see I have updated my site once again. The previous version of Digitaljoni was quite heavy with having at least 500K in images. It was a nice looking site, but if you have slow connection, you will not be able to see the site - at all! So, this time I went with a minimalist design and layout for this site so that it would load faster and you can focus on the content. But I am starting from scratch using Jekyll instead of Wordpress and I will tell you more about the switch later.

My career has taken a good turn. I am doing full time front-end development now, building single page web applications. I do design work when needed but my main focus is on the development side: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Along with these three, I also using various frameworks and libraries: jQuery, HandlebarsJS, Grunt, and more!

I hope you will follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You may ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them!

Have a nice day!