Hi! My name is Joennie Sindo: Web Developer & Visual Artist

Welcome to my portfolio site featuring personal and commercial works.
Let's work together! I am open for creative opportunities.

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Beautiful web designs, intuitive UI/UX, illustrations and print work.

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My Profile

Learn a bit more about me and what I do. Drop me a note while you are at it.

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Notes, thoughts, illustrations and everything in between

Notes About The Site

08 February 2018

This was designed from 2012 and I think it is still a wonderful looking site. I decided to bring it back as my portfolio page... However, I lost the last code... so I did a bit of patchwork here and there a voila! A functional site that needs a bit of work (a lot of things are still broken).

Notes from before:

I always wanted to have an awesome graphical portfolio site that shows my personality and ability. One day while sketching, a vision hit me soaring beyond the sky and seeing floating islands and impossible airships flying through space. I thought it would make a great theme for my site. I quickly doodled this and it was to the start of the evolution of this design. If you have been to this site before, you will notice the familiar images of the earth and space. With this new design, I went way beyond that and it feels you are in a tapestry of an unfinished painting. I went wild with the graphical elements without regards to bandwidth and download speeds. I don't advocate doing this on most of my projects, but I find that sometimes if you limit yourself into technical details, you get too narrow-minded on what you can achieve. And since this is my site, I went crazy with it and the result is spectacular!

Just like an unfinished painting, this site will continually evolve, especially this section. This part of the site will feature articles, sketches, notes, tutorials and other random stuff that you might find interesting. So stay tuned!

About Me

In a nutshell I am a highly creative and professional individual that loves working on design/art/web projects. In terms of skills, I bring with me a diverse set of skills specializing on various graphic and web design works (web sites, apps, branding, illustration, mascot or character design, print design and more).

As design and development is constantly evolving, I am constantly seeking knowledge - keeping abreast with advances in technology, industry standards and practices, learning new software and techniques.

I have worked with companies and brands all over the world (US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean): Curacao Marriott Beach Resort and Emerald Casino, Kobojo, Informatics Institute, Business Security Systems, Rockpoint Hotel and Conference Center, D.M. Consunji and more!

What skills do I offer?

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • All Format Print Design
  • iPhone & Mobile App Design
  • Web Development
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • UX/UI Design
Art and Illustration
  • Vector Illustration
  • Casual Game Art/UI
  • Mascot/Character Design
  • Icon Illustration
  • Photography/Photo Retouching

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