When we start to learn programming we always use the example of printing “Hello World” in the screen or console. It is a good start for most as it teaches us the basics of how a simple program would work. The text or greeting that we use is also somewhat significant as if our tiny creation is greeting the world and at the same time announcing, hey I am the start of a wonderful adventure for my creator, that there is potential for greatness if this action is continued and improved upon.

So, this is my way of saying “Hello World” and this is the start of a new adventure for me in sharing what I know and what I have learned from the community. I hope you will be able to find even the tiniest of nugget and you would be able to use it for your own journey in IT and development.

My blog will primarily focus on development in Flutter and Dart. However, in the future, It may include other technology as well.

Always be learning!