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The Critterpedia project started as a personal tool when I am playing with the Animal Crossing New Horizons game.

In the game you are tasked to collect different species of fish, insects and sea creatures. You can use these critters to either sell for a price or donate to the museum. Collecting all species of fish and insects would also unlock recipes for golden tools (Golden Fishing rod and Golden Net).

It's a lot of fun, but collecting them is a bit of pain especially, there is a mix of month, time of day, location, shadow shape (for fish) and more. So you need to have a tool to keep track of each and every critter.

This tool allows you to filter the available critters for the current month and current hour. You can even keep track of what you have caught by clicking on the checkbox button. If you are a ACNH player, give it a spin.

Data comes from ACNH Api. ACNH API is a free RESTful API for critters, fossils, art, music, furniture and villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It was a fun personal project and it helped me learn a bit about Flutter Providers as well.